RentalEye – Secure your Rental Vehicle Assets

The RentalEye GPS unit is a small, self-contained tracking device that can quickly and effectively locate  any vehicle or mobile assets. Our new GPS technology is smaller than a credit card and combines the universal coverage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites with cellular based communications from different cellular providers. These two technologies allow us to provide our users with coverage throughout North America. This guarantees the most reliable and versatile accessibility. Our goal is to make our product easy to use and cost effective. EnfoTrace will dramatically improve your level of protection against vehicle loss while enhancing your productivity and convenience.

Product Features

  • Locate Stolen Vehicles
  • Locate Missing and Overdue Vehicles
  • Increase Cash and Debit Card Rentals
  • Identify Under Performing Vehicles
  • Disable Stolen Vehicles
  • Enforce Boundaries
  • Notification of Speed Violations
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • On Demand Real-Time Locating
  • Automated Location Reporting
  • Automated Daily and Weekly Report
  • OTA Programming for Improved Capabilities
  • State of the Art Mapping
  • Intuitive Web-based Application for Ease Of Use
  • Variety of Messaging / Location Plans
  • OBDII Quick Connect Cable
  • Embedded ( Internal ) Antennas
  • Easy Installation

Return on Investment for the Rental Vehicle Market

At EnfoTrace our goal is to maximize your Return on Investment by providing a reliable and cost effective solution that will enable you to make informed business decisions and provide peace of mind. With the EnfoTrace GPS Tracking Solution we strive to “Secure Your Rental Fleet”. EnfoTrace provides our client a solution to the following market concerns:

Locate Overdue and Missing Vehicles

Gain real-time access to the street level location of your overdue and missing vehicles. The vehicle’s location is displayed on a map providing you detailed information of the current location. Satellite image provides a look at the area the vehicle is in, so you know if you are looking in a building, parking lot or on a street for your missing vehicle.

Increase Cash and Debit Rental Revenue

With the ability to obtain street level access to your vehicles, you now can increase your cash and debit rental business. Understanding where a vehicle is at a moment’s notice enables you to have peace of mind when renting to cash and debit clients.

Locate Stolen Vehicles

When a vehicle is believed to be stolen, having access to real-time location information will enable a quick and safe return of the vehicle. Locate stolen vehicles and obtain street level location information, and put a paying renter in the vehicle.

Daily and Weekly Inventory Reports

Having daily or weekly inventory information will provide a snapshot of where your entire fleet is. This information will provide you detailed location information on available vehicles and out of state or country vehicles, enabling you to make an informed business decision.


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