Enfotrace Is A New Standard In Recovery And Protection

Enfotrace puts the power of the satellite GPS (Global Positioning System) and the versatility of the Internet into smart locating devices that enable you to identify, control and track your most important possessions from virtually anywhere in the world. Communication is established through a standard Internet browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Exactly How Does Enfotrace Work?

There are two main technologies that help us locate and communicate with the Enfotrace unit. The first technology uses GPS satellites. High above the Earth are no less than 24 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that constantly transmit microwave signals back down to Earth. These signals are picked up by a highly sensitive GPS receiver within the Enfotrace unit. This receiver is then able to determine the location, movement, and speed of your vehicle. The next step is communicating this information back to the user. To accomplish this we use a cellular transceiver within the Enfotrace unit that operates on existing digital cellular networks. It’s through these networks that you are able to establish the communication link necessary for sending and receiving both information and commands back and forth to your vehicle. Once the information or command is received and acknowledged by the Enfotrace unit it is then communicated back to the Enfotrace servers where the results are then presented to the user via their web browser.

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